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Who knew losing my dog Russell's leash one day would drastically change my life. I used my surf leash instead and thought, wow this is pretty f*ing cool. I quit my job and embarked on a journey to merge my two passions, surfing and dogs.

The goal was simple, take the style and technology of the surf industry and make cool stuff for dogs. It turns out innovation in today’s surf culture applies seamlessly to pet products. We’ve created a way to use Neoprene like never before. 

This amazing fabric is flexible, durable, designed to get wet, and super comfortable. Why pad nylon with neoprene when we can get rid of the nylon all together!? So we did and it has changed pet products forever. 


Every day I wake up and think what’s the next big innovation that will make my life and my dog Russell’s that much better?

Bingin will never stop challenging the pet industry, innovating and creating awesome products that allow us to have it all. It’s been a damn good time and we’re just getting started.

If you live for the beach and your dog, #walkwithus.