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From dog fighting ring to loving home - Pistol the Pit Bull's heartwarming rescue.

by Travis Day |  | 22 comments

I had the pleasure of meeting Regan and her Pit Bull Pistol when they absolutely stole the show at Bingin's first photoshoot down in Laguna Beach earlier this year. You know how some people just have a presence about them? Being around Regan you're immediately captivated by her beauty and strength, her compassion and the right amount of badass, and her undeniable connection with her dog.

I recently caught up with Regan to learn more about her journey with Pistol and how they built a relationship only us dog lovers know.

***You might want to grab a tissue 🥺


How did you meet and adopt Pistol?

I had a beagle for about 5 years that passed away. My house did not feel like a home without hearing those little paws running around. I knew I wanted a Pit Bull because they’re so misunderstood and have the highest chance of getting euthanized. There were so many adorable pups but I knew something was missing, until I met P! 

What was it about Pistol that drew you to her? Did you guys have an instant connection?

I was at the south LA shelter and saw a sweet, fawn colored Pit Bull that had scars all over her face and down her body. Her coat was pretty thin so you could see every scratch. She was just standing there calmly looking at me. She was so happy and playful and just wanted to be loved on. I wanted to make sure she was “the one” so I waited a week to make a decision. I went back and as I kneeled down to pet her she just pushed the top of her head on my belly and didn’t move. I knew she was it and I adopted her that day.


How has Pistol changed your life? 

Pistol’s name was actually Bonnie before I adopted her.  I learned she came from a dog fighting ring and had been used for breeding which is evident when you see all the scars on her face and body. She still can’t be inside with other dogs because she gets scared but outside her personality really shines. She’s loving and playful and you’d never know she had a bad start. I named her Pistol because Bonnie was not badass enough for the pup who made it through hell and still had an awesome personality. I think her story is so relatable because everyone goes through terrible experiences, you just choose how you let it effect the rest of your life. She’s the happiest little Pit Bull and the fact that she is so open to trusting me has taught me more about forgiveness than any other experience. I’m one lucky mama.

Tell me your favorite Pistol story!

My favorite Pistol story is the first time we flew home to Mississippi for Christmas. She was so terrified of the plane that I had to pick her up like a baby and carry her on. She sat in my lap like that until the plane took off, then fell asleep on the floor. She’s around 70 pounds by the way. Now we’ve made it a yearly, Christmas road trip. She LOVES all my parents 100 acres in Mississippi. Her favorite thing is to chase a tennis ball so she’s in heaven being able to run around so much!


What advice would you give people looking to adopt?

For anyone looking to adopt I would say I know it’s exciting but take your time. You want to find the right fit for your home and there’s absolutely that perfect dog waiting for you! Be smart about it and know it’s a big responsibility but so freaking fun and rewarding to add a new family member. Also, adopt don’t shop. The shelters are way too full and rescues are the BEST!



You can follow Regan and Pistol on instagram @regansavanna

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